Catalogue of my Data Science articles

Condensed list of all my posts on Data Science related topics

Zolzaya Luvsandorj
4 min readDec 30, 2020


If you liked one of my posts and would like to check out more, or simply want to browse through my articles, this catalogue may be helpful for you. Here, you will find a list of all my posts in a condensed form. Hopefully, this will save you time finding relevant Data Science content that may be useful for you. New posts will be added to the list as they are published so the catalogue will always be up to date.

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Each post is tagged with up to 3 key categories using the emoji code below:
🐍 Python
🐼 Pandas (Python is implied, hence additional tagging with 🐍 is not used)
πŸ“¦ SQL
⭐ Data Science Best Practices
πŸ’¬ Natural Language Processing
πŸ“Š Data visualisation
βž— Maths/Theory behind a data science concept
πŸ€ Tips

List of all articles

⭐ Introduction to Git for Data Science
⭐ Introduction to Python Virtual Environment for Data Science
πŸ€ Enrich your GitHub profile with these tips
πŸ€ Create your own stunning website in minutes for free
🐍 Datasets in Python
🐍 Simple ways to create synthetic dataset in Python
🐍 Simple tool to foster connection among employees
🐍 Exploratory data analysis guide
🐍⭐ From ML Model to ML Pipeline
🐍⭐ Pipeline, ColumnTransformer and FeatureUnion explained
πŸ’¬πŸβ­ FeatureUnion, ColumnTransformer & Pipeline for preprocessing text data
🐍⭐ Two ways to create custom transformers with Scikit-learn
🐍⭐ Prediction intervals in Python
🐍 Introduction to Image Classification with TensorFlow β€” Part 1
🐍 Introduction to Image Classification with TensorFlow β€” Part 2
🐍 Introduction to Word2Vec (Skip-gram)
πŸπŸ€ Organise your Jupyter Notebook with these tips
πŸ€ Enrich your Jupyter Notebook with these tips
πŸπŸ€ Useful IPython magic commands
πŸπŸ€ 5 tips to learn Python from zero
πŸπŸ€ Interesting ways to use punctuations in Python
πŸπŸ€ Simple way to find a suitable algorithm for your data in scikit-learn
πŸπŸ€ Feature selection in Scikit-learn
πŸπŸ€ Meet HistGradientBoostingClassifier
πŸπŸ€πŸ“Š Partial dependence plots with…



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